Classes in August

Summer time is the best time to spend time with family and friends! We have multiple ways to encourage nurturing touch. See our options below:

MONDAYS and TUESDAYS: Singles/Partners Home Massage Series.  Embrace FUN and self-healing for all. Reclaim your health and restore loving care, confident discovery touch and massage, body mechanics and find authenticity with others who also enjoy receiving and learning.  Cost is $145/person or $225/pair.

WEDNESDAY: Pregnant Partner Home Massage Series.  Learn to relieve discomforts, improve labor, speed recovery and balance hormones to find a calmer, easier birth experience and for the health, safety and happiness of mom and baby. Massage can soothe, restore, and reclaim communication and relaxation for all. Cost is $145/pair.

THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS: Introduction to Basic Home Massage. Explore the world of massage and understand how it can be beneficial and fun for YOU to do at home! Improve your loving relationships with respect and trustful communication. Fun, enjoyable and relaxing instruction! Cost is $37/person or $55/pair

SATURDAYS: Parent-Baby Massage Series. Two Options: 1030am-12pm or 6-730pm.  Parent-Baby Massage Class is a weekly, 90 min, class for 5 weeks, baby-led in a progressive sequence for parent and baby to easily learn a complete routine.  We welcome babies in any mood and respect their needs. Complete this ancient, traditional life skill to help babies for a lifetime of learning their bodies and themselves
and being able to care for themselves, you and others. Cost is $125/series/per family.
Siblings & grandparents welcome!

Register for any class at or call 541-482-3567 for more information. All of us at Family Massage Education Center look forward to partnering with you as you add nurturing touch in your life. StaffPicSmall




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