CEIM Training, Aug. 26th-29th

August 26th to 29th, Family Massage Education Center will be sponsoring the Certified Educator of Infant Massage Training. In preparation for this upcoming course, we are taking a moment to honor a graduate of the CEIM Training taught by our own, JoAnn Lewis, at the Portland, Oregon CEIM Training. Calina Selmanson was featured in IAIM’s Tender Loving Care August, 2016 Newsletter.  unnamed (1)

Q: How long have you been a CEIM?
I am a new CEIM. I’ve been certified for just about 1 year.
Q: What’s been the most effective way to get parents in your classes?
As a postpartum doula I have the chance to work with new families in their homes. This work allows me to discuss the benefits of infant massage with parents, relating specifically to their child. At the moment I am working on forming a class with the families I currently and recently have worked with.
Q: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you or a parent in your class?
Many funny moments already. Really audible gas release during the “Gas and Colic Routine” stands out. This has happened several times and always gets a laugh and a sigh of relief!
Q: What’s the most rewarding part of being an infant massage educator?
Becoming a CEIM has really been an amazing compliment to my postpartum doula practice! It is incredible to be able to witness the bond that is forming and deepening, between parent and child, with each week that passes. […]Seeing a parent who once may have struggled with a “colicky” baby discover that they can utilize such a simple yet powerful tool to calm their child. This scenario always makes me beam with happiness!


Congratulations, Calina! It’s great to see you using your CEIM training to help families in your postpartum doula practice.

Certified Educator of Infant Massage – IAIM-USA
The International Association of Infant Massage certifies you to teach parents how to massage their babies for confident bonding, attachment and communication, complete health and happiness! Class is open to the anyone over age 18 and is open to all social and medical agencies.
Pre-registration is required, which includes text, manual and compendium, and 1-yr. USA Chapter membership. The exam and study are open book take home with required practicum.
August 26-29
Fri. – Mon., 9am-5pm
Up to 56 CEU’s (28 in class & 28 study/practicum afterward)
for LMTs, 31 hrs. for RNs, OTs, SWs, Doulas, others…

Call to register FMEC Office: 541-482-3567

~Sponsored by the USA Chapter of the IAIM, Sweden International
www.infantmassageusa.org  and  www.iaim.net





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