August Classes

What kind of family situation are you in? Single? Partnered? Pregnant? Married? We have a class for just about every situation; yes, even for singles. Here’s a testimonial from a student who attended the “Couples/Singles Massage Series” as a single student.

     “I heard about FMEC when I drove past their old location and saw the sign, “Learn Massage.” I jotted down the phone number and called. I was concerned about attending a massage class alone, but the woman on the phone assured me that singles are welcome. I signed up for the Monday night classes and felt excited to be doing something I had been curious about, but had never tried. I registered and paid prior to the beginning of class, and found out at that time, I was the only single signed up. When I left, I brushed aside the growing fear that maybe I had made a bad decision. I wanted to learn how to give a massage (and get one too, as told to me by an employee at FMEC) and I wasn’t going to let being partnerless stop me.
     I arrived for my first class excited and expectant. I love learning new things, but I was also wondering how class would go, being a woman without a partner. Would I get partnered with a woman? Would she be young, old, what kind of body would she have for me to learn on? Then I wondered…what if I get a man???? What if he’s gross, stinky, or really fat? I was onboard for learning together with another woman, and practicing on a total stanger…who was a woman! But, I did NOT want to be touching a strange man! No Way! What would my new boyfriend think?!? Those fearful little thoughts swirled around my mind as I walked in the door. I had decided nothing was going to stop me! I wanted learn!
     As things turned out, there were two singles in the class; me and a man. Let’s just pause for just a moment and relish the humor of the universe! I dreaded being partnered with a man I didn’t know and here I was, partnered with a man I didn’t know. If I had been partnered with Russel Brand (man crush cuz he’s funny), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, (have you SEEN his amazing body?!?) or Patrick Stewart (yes…my crushes span all ages, races, and body types, hello!) I would have been thrilled but completely intimidated. Instead I was partnered with a regular guy. I won’t go into too many details about him, because there really wasn’t anything exceptional about him. He was young, he was blond, he was height and weight proportioned, and wanted to learn, just like me. 
     JoAnn Lewis, the instructor at FMEC, was amazing about putting me (and I think, my partner too) at ease about giving massage to a total stranger. She is the kind of teacher who seems to know when you’re having difficulty with something and is there when you need that little bit of encouragement, or offers a point of correction and instruction at just the right time without being critical. I appreciated how she taught us techniques to promote modesty when a person needs to turn over on the massage table by holding sheets properly. She also shared the importance of communication during a massage, between both parties. More than anything, she did a great job of sharing her passion for healthy touch, massage, and wonderment about the human body. You learn a whole lot more than just massage techniques.  
     As the classes progressed (the couples and singles massage series lasts for 4 weeks) not only did I become more comfortable with the massage techniques, I also got more self-confidence.  I grew less timid about letting another man give me a massage, and I looked forward to practicing on my male partner. Thanks to JoAnn’s instruction and reminder about good communication (Ask, Listen, Trust, and Praise) my partner and I learned a lot, together. I’m really glad that thanks to my Couples and singles massage class with JoAnn Lewis, and my awesome partner, I now have no problem giving massages to anyone; men I don’t know, and even a few fat ones. ” ~LL


Here’s a flyer of our August Classes. To register, call 541-482-3567, or visit our website: HERE

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