Friday Family Night Massage

Did you know that relaxing your nervous system can help with digestive issues?

There are two parts to your autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system (or SNS) is all about fight-or-flight; it kicks into gear when we are in need of alertness and energy. This increases cardiac and respiratory rates, and inhibits other body functions that are not as important in emergencies, such as digestion. The parasympathetic nervous system (or PSNS) is all about rest-and-digest. Our PSNS is engaged when we are relaxed, and our body starts to conserve and restore energy. Our breath and heartbeat will slow, and our digestive and urinary systems will be stimulated. Our bodies have a hard time digesting properly if we are in a constant state of stress, and because our society values stress and busy-ness over rest and self-care, we are seeing more and more digestive related issues in our communities (and gut health is closely tied to immunity and mental health as well)! Massage is a wonderful way to ease your nervous system into a parasympathetic state.

Come join us on Friday nights for our Friday Family Night Massage class and learn about the many ways massage can benefit you and your family!

Basic Home Massage for families, couples (pairs) or singles:
This is a ONE-time, get-it-all, take-as-many-times-as-you-want class; including a basic overall massage routine, proper body mechanics so you stay energized and with handouts and a bottle of massage oil.

Feel free to take this class as many times as you would like and meet new people or bring a family member or friend. We will learn basic massage techniques for home use, health and happiness, and improve loving relationships with respect and trustful communication. 

Explore the world of massage and understand how the home training can be beneficial and fun for YOU to do at home! 
Fun, enjoyable and relaxing instruction! Massage can improve the health of all systems, relieve muscle aches and pains, aide digestion, immunity, as well as hormonal and emotional balance. 
Learn together for a lifetime of massage. 
6:30-8:30pm, 2 hours
$45. per person
$75. per pair (Children ages 7 -17 with parent can come, too!)
Pre-Registration required by calling our office 
541-482-3567 or online at

Work exchange scholarships available

ASK about our day time classes and private sessions…541-482-3567
or email at


Hello Friends, Our center is across the street from Ashland’s newly appointed City park so we are thrilled about that. When you come to take a class, you can take a walk in the park or have someone watch your kids to play while you are in class. Better yet, bring the kids TO CLASS with you and LEARN MASSAGE!!! See all our upcoming classes at Stay with us for the full schedule to be posted here soon, too!!!

Massage in History

In ancient times people lived in tribes and groups where women held babies next to them in slings and packs and touch was constant.  Every member of the village had a role in the survival of the people and helped to care for the babies.  Infant massage is thought to have begun before recorded history as since recorded history it has existed as a common practice among the oldest cultures in the world today.  The first written records began to reference the positive health benefits from massage:

Ancient_Egyptian_massage2700 BC – from China,  1800 BC – from India,  350 to 500 BC – from Egypt, Persia, Japan and Greece, Hippocrates, the father of medicine wrote: “The physician must be experienced in many things but assuredly in rubbing…For rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid.”

100 BC to 50 AD – from the Romans, Caesar & physician Celsus

Biblical references –  to healing as “laying on of hands” and “anointing with oil”.

1450 to 1600 AD Renaissance from Persia to Italy’s medical schools references to massage and then spreading to other European cities of rising prosperity.

1517-1590 AD French Dr. Ambroise Pare one of the founders of modern surgery, used massage, particularly friction massage, in the treatment of stiff and injured joints.

1776-1839 AD Swedish fencing master and gymnastics teacher Per Henrik Ling designed the Swedish Movement System and Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger, adopted the French names of basic strokes under which he systemized massage as we know it today, as Swedish or classic massage.

Mid 1800’s to mid 1900’s – Many behaviorists, from Luther Emmett Holt, John Watson, to Dr. Benjamin Spock recommended less handling of babies in favor of training them to master schedules of eating and sleeping.  During the nineteenth century, many babies died of Marasmus, a wasting away generally by neglect and as a result Dr. Fritz Talbot in 1910 changed the care of babies in german hospitals in favor of handling, carrying, and rocking babies.  “Tender Loving Care” in the children’s clinic in Dusseldorf , Germany found that babies who were rocked after nursing generally had less colic, intestinal spasm, and became happier babies than those who remained in their beds without rocking.

1957 – Dr. Harry Harlow’s studies showed baby monkeys preferred a soft cloth artificial mother to food from a wire artificial mother.  Since then, numerous studies with human babies have repeatedly shown the benefits of touch, carrying, rocking and massage.

At Family Massage Education Center, massage for the entire family is our passion! We offer several classes for families to learn, in a nurturing and encouraging environment, how to help each other give and receive the many benefits of massage. Check out our schedule to find a class just right for you. Call us at 541-482-3567 to register.

June Classes

Call 541-482-3567 to register for our public education classes.

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Vitaflex I

Instructor: JoAnn Lewis, LMT
This most ancient form of massage is known for its easy finger rolling method that simultaneously energizes and releases nerve and muscle tension.  Reflexes open the gateway to healing beginning with the feet and hands and including a complete body routine that is easily adapted to any situation or condition. This specialized finger-curling technique is effortless and stimulating for the giver and receiver and is the most relaxing and rejuvenating of all the ancient methods of bodywork.  It is older than acupuncture and has similarities to Thai and Shiatsu in reflexology, working over 5000 acupuncture points.  $225.00

Saturday – Sunday, April 2-3

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

77 Manzanita St.

Ashland, OR 97520

Call 541-482-3567 to register


Our Most Popular Class

Every 3rd Sunday of the month we offer our most popular bodywork class: Happy Hands and Feet Massage and Reflexology Class!


5 – 7 pm
Singles and Couples Welcome!
You can refresh the whole body to feel fabulous by learning how to massage points on the hands and feet, and following the simple reflexology patterns we’ll show you.
You will feel yourself relax fully into a warm, inviting footsoak at the same time!
$45.per class/person or $ 75.per pair

Call 541-482-3567 to register!

Check out this great article about reflexology and why it’s so effective:


Conscious Living Fair 2019

Come see us at this year’s Conscious Living Fair next Saturday, April 27th from 10:00am-6:00pm at the Ashland Hills Hotels and Suites!

We will be offering chair massage and we will be happy to tell you all about our exciting upcoming classes! See you there!

51607249_406535650108740_5788273381245714432_o.jpgConscious Living Fair
Ancient Wisdom, New Technology for Body, Mind & Spirit
Saturday, April 27th 2019
Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites
Grand Ballroom
$5 at the door
children 16 and under free with a parent

More Massage Please!



What are your guides telling you? Our guides are telling us loud and clear that we need MORE MASSAGE!

Massage has many benefits… stimulation of the circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive systems, calms the nervous system, increases the happy hormones in your body, improves sleep, relieves pain… the list goes on and on!

Come take one of our classes and learn how to bring more nurturing touch and loving massage into your home and how it will benefit your WHOLE family!

Call us at 541-482-3567 to register

Upcoming classes:

Parent-Baby Home Massage: Starts April 20th

Happy Hands and Feet Reflexology Class: April 21st

Basic Home Massage: April 25th

Friday Family Night Massage: April 26th

New mama? In need of support?

If you’re a new mom (or an experienced mom!) in need of support, please join us for Mama’s Tea Time, our FREE support group that meets every Tuesday from 10:30am-12:00pm at the Family Massage Education Center (77 Manzanita St in Ashland, OR).

Led by Christal Sharp 805-794-2522

Here’s a great article about the importance of taking a break before you break:

Infant Massage Class Starts April 20th!



Please join us for our upcoming infant massage class for parents and caregivers at the Family Massage Education Center in beautiful Ashland Oregon!

In our IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) class, we focus on learn about your baby’s cues and how to identify the engagement ‘yes’ cues and the the disengagement ‘no’ cues through their verbal and non-verbal body language. 

As we always say in class, the babies are our teachers, and the parents are the experts!

We always begin a massage by asking baby for permission and waiting for a “yes” or “no” cue, and we ALWAYS respect baby’s answer. This will help baby learn empathy, their value, and what it means to receive healthy, nurturing, loving touch. Teaching babies the importance of respect and consent early on will help them move through the world as confident, empathetic, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent children and adults!

What an amazing world it would be if all babies were lucky enough to receive this kind of respect and nurturing touch… it is our goal to reach all families and babies across the world through infant massage!

Come join a class as a parent of caregiver or become an instructor and help us spread the loving messages and benefits of infant massage!

Communicate with confidence, understand baby’s cues, sleep more, enjoy less crying and improve baby’s health, digestion, and all-over bodily functions. Loving massage can increase muscle tone, improve motor skills, IQ, teach respect and trust and much more… Soothe, repair, bonding and relaxation for baby and you!

Parent-Baby Class April 20th 10:30-Noon or 6-7:30pm

Register or Call 541-482-3567



Aromatherapy Workshop Next Weekend!

A little aroma humor for your weekend!


We are honored that Caryn Gehlmann from Essential 3 Oils Company will be giving one of her famous Aromatherapy Workshops at FMEC.
This is the one!! Register soon…
April 20th 9:30am – 12:30pm “How to blend Essential Oils for Family”.

This is an amazing course in how to use essential oils effectively for your Famil(ies) and clients…for the public and professionals!!
3 CE hours

Register 541-482-3567



Infant Massage Can Improve Sleep, For You And Baby!

From Vimala McClure, author of “Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents” and founder of the International Association of Infant Massage:

“We all have sleep associations, we don’t bat an eyelid about our own quirks or needs around what helps us sleep. Yet, with even a very young baby, there is pressure to ‘teach your baby to self-settle’ – to fall asleep without any help from you.

‘Self-settling’ has become the holy grail of sleep training. One of the main reasons, apart from the sheer convenience of having a baby who falls asleep without help, is that once your baby can ‘self-settle’, she will put herself back to sleep without disturbing you if she wakes during the night. This is rubbish – apart from the fact that you are growing a little person, not simply managing an inconvenience – many babies who happily fall asleep after being put into bed wide awake will call for help or reassurance if they wake during the night. They don’t have the brain structures to physiologically ‘self soothe’ yet, and they won’t develop these for several years.

There are many reasons for babies waking, from hunger or discomfort to separation anxiety and, just as your baby needs food to grow, she also needs the stimulation of your touch to help the development of her nervous system, her brain, her digestive system and for emotional reassurance. These are all legitimate reasons for your baby to signal that she needs you, day or night.”

Article: Self Settling – Why It’s Not the Holy Grail of Baby Sleep

Self-Settling – Why It’s Not the Holy Grail of Baby Sleep


Do you know the benefits of baby massage?

Communicate with confidence, understand baby’s cues, sleep more, enjoy less crying and improve baby’s health, digestion, and all-over bodily functions. Loving massage can increase muscle tone, improve motor skills, IQ, teach respect and trust and much more… Soothe, repair, bonding and relaxation for baby and you! Come take a class with us!

Parent-Baby Class April 20th 10:30-Noon or 6-7:30pm

Register or Call 541-482-3567

Or become a Certified Educator of Infant Massage and teach the benefits of infant massage to families!


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